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Two Road Trains
Both over 50 metres long but short when compared with the world's longest road train. The record was created when 45 trailers, driven by Greg Marley, weighing 603 metric tons and measuring 610 metres were pulled by a Kenworth truck for 8 km.

From: tedder
Tue Aug 01 08:02:20 -0700 2006
Four trailers? Wow. In the US, two is normal, some states allow three.

From: Ravendark54
Thu Aug 03 09:28:23 -0700 2006
I've heard storries (most likely urban myths) thast these road train drivers are way more serious about their haul than any driver in the US...to the point that if you get in their way in the middle of the Outback, they'll run you off the road.

Also, I heard several years ago the U.S. Gov't disallowed three trailer trucks making 2 the max full size trailers you can have on back of your truck. But that could just be for interstate commerce.


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