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Hennepin Avenue Bridge
Site of the first permanent bridge across the Mississippi River

From: Korkki
Thu Aug 02 00:12:15 -0700 2007
Is it that bridge which collapsed?

From: Epiphone
Thu Aug 02 01:42:44 -0700 2007
No the bridge which collapsed is more south, follow the river south, past the 2nd set of rapids and there are 2 bridges next to each other.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6927113.stm shows the view from the north bank.

So its the wider left hand bridge which collapsed when looking on the map

From: herz
Thu Aug 02 06:29:15 -0700 2007
35W is three bridges downstream. (to the east) It the wider of the two bridges that are parallel to each other. Left one is 35W and the right one is the city street 10th ave. If anyone has any questions about this bridge (I work less than a mile from it) please contact me at herzey77@lycos.com and I will try to help.

From: Korkki
Thu Aug 02 11:52:31 -0700 2007

Does anyone have any idea how deep and wide the river is at that point?


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