Waikiki Beach
site of very heavy surf, used by the Coast Guard for lifeboat and helicopter rescue training

From: pete592
Wed Aug 02 22:29:12 -0700 2006
Pretty neat, but why is it entitled 'Waikiki Beach'? I'm only asking because the name 'Waikiki' appears nowhere on the info link. Is this what CG personnel affectionately call it?

From: tedder
Thu Aug 03 08:10:10 -0700 2006
It's a very small beach in a little-populated area- there isn't much available on the name- here is a Google search giving some decent links:


Generally photos (like the second one at the info link) show the Coast Guard near shore in dramatic surf- it is the surf leading in to this little beach.

Note this beach is only about 400ft (130 meters) wide. It is usually full of driftwood, often full-size trees.



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