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Lava flow blocks road
A pāhoehoe lava flow typically advances as a series of small lobes and toes that continually break out from a cooled crust.

From: AndreaBT
Sat Aug 05 15:20:33 -0700 2006
If you zoom out a bit and pan over right to where the image changes and loses resolution, you can see a bit of the lava when it was still glowing hot.

From: Bruce
Sat Aug 05 19:13:25 -0700 2006
If I recall correctly that road is called "Chain of Craters Road". It used to follow the coast all the way around the southern shoreline of the island until Kīlauea reclaimed it. If you visit Volcano National Park you can drive down that road (at least when I was there years ago) to the point where the lava has reclaimed it and walk out on the lava fields to a safe spot where you can see the actual flowing lava.

From: Shadrack
Sun Aug 06 04:07:35 -0700 2006
You are right Bruce, it is "Chain of Craters Road" and I did exactly what you suggested when I visited. However, when I walked over the lava, I never felt all that comfortable, knowing that there was red hot, molten lava running a few centimetres below.... :--)

From: Bruce
Sun Aug 06 19:07:45 -0700 2006
When I was there they actually had a ranger station (just a camper) set up at the end of the road with a small parking area/turnaround cut out of the lava. There wasn't any actual hot lava anywhere near where they let you walk. They had a marked trail leading to a viewing area about 1/2 mile from the end of the road. From there it was another 1/2 mile or so to the point where the lava was actually flowing into the ocean. They wouldn't let you walk around there if it wasn't safe, and I'm sure they check out the conditions on a regular basis.


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