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The Daily Planet (Not a Newspaper)
Ask for Lois Lane, everyone else does!

From: AndreaBT
Sun Aug 13 07:12:41 -0700 2006
If it's not a newspaper, what is it??

From: Jeff Burton
Sun Aug 13 10:24:29 -0700 2006
Well, according to the website link it's "The Largest & Most Exclusive Bordello in the Southern Hemisphere."

From: AndreaBT
Mon Aug 14 12:05:48 -0700 2006
Guess I forgot about the link :) But oh. my. word. That's too funny.

From: Slaughter
Mon Oct 09 02:14:02 -0700 2006
Yea, its a brothel :). Been there, way to expencive .


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