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TRANSIENT: Matrix 2 Freeway
temporary set has been removed, but onramps, painted lines, etc are still visible. Constructed on the former Alameda Naval Base.

From: Bokchoi Cowboy
Mon Aug 29 08:34:23 -0700 2005
There are two different views between the Google Maps and Google Earth.

In the Google Maps version, all you see is the "freeway" left over from production of the Matrix Reloaded film.

In the Google Earth version, you can see vehicles, large tent structures, trucks, and other items on the "freeway", possibly from the production of the film.

As a bonus for Google Earth users, if you track your view to 37 Deg 47'40.30 N 122 Deg 16'59.54" W (to the North and Eastward of the "freeway"), you will see the USS Midway (CV 41) docked at the Oakland docks. This is not the USS Hornet, which is to the south of the "freeway". The Midway was to be moved to San Diego and become a floating museum. It is unknown whether or not the Midway shows up in any Google Maps view. This is the view of her former port of Bremerton Washington. It does not have enough resolution to tell if she is there.

From: shadow
Wed Sep 07 10:44:30 -0700 2005
Actually, on the Google Earth version, the cars and tents are from a car show event held by General Motors called "Auto Show In Motion" where you actually get to test drive all of their vehicles. You can see the various test tracks laid throughout the runway/Matrix freeway outlined in white spray paint. More information out it can be found here: http://www.autoshowinmotion.com

From: fszone.org
Sun May 14 19:34:13 -0700 2006
Just an FYI:

This is also the site of many many explosions on the Discovery channel show "Myth Busters".


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