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SR-71 Blackbird
on tarmac at Edwards AFB

From: idria
Sat Jul 29 18:08:45 -0700 2006
These birds have flown. The problem with updating the maps with new imagery is that you sometimes lose good stuff from the old ones. There's water in Edwards Lake to the east that wasn't there in the old image.

I wish I'd saved the old image as a jpg

From: Shadrack
Sat Jul 29 22:23:51 -0700 2006
The SR71's are still there! Just look a little to the south west at the end of the carpark and you will find at least one Blackbird.

From: tedder
Sun Jul 30 01:32:09 -0700 2006
updated. if anyone finds more, submit them as new entries.

From: Shadrack
Sun Jul 30 04:21:28 -0700 2006
There are at least 18 that I know about tedder. I wish we had one in Australia to visit.

From: michael
Sun Sep 23 20:07:44 -0700 2007
There one on display at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama

From: michael
Sun Sep 23 20:45:26 -0700 2007
Please ignore my previous comment. Although true, I see that it has previously been entered for Huntsville, Alabama. Sorry.


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