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Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
A living museum of World War I aircraft. Here you can actually see planes like Fokker triplanes and Sopwith Camels fly.

From: Bruce
Fri Sep 15 11:11:23 -0700 2006
Too bad these satellite pictures seem to be taken during the winter (notice the trees) otherwise you might actually see some vintage WWI aircraft on the ground.

If you're ever in New York state (about an hour north of NYC) make an effort to stop by this place. It's absolutely amazing to see these planes fly, and the shows they put on are very entertaining. They created a whole storyline about the evil Black Baron who would kidnap the heroine Trudy Truelove and fly her away in his Fokker Triplane. The hero, Percy Goodfellow, would have to rescue her. They would intertwine all sorts of stunts into the storyline, along with a lot of funny stuff on the ground, including a few bumbling German soldiers (think Keystone Kops) who drive around on WWI motorcycles with sidecars. The east side of the landing strip had a Bavarian-style village that included a Haufbrauhaus, "Madame Fifi's", etc. At one point one of the planes would fly over and inadvertently drop a bomb on Madame Fifi's house, resulting in a bunch of frilly lingerie getting blown out the windows.

As a kid I grew up in Connecticut about an hours drive from Rhinebeck and we would go just about every year. It was one of those sorts of things that I always looked forward to as a kid. My brother now has a pilots license, and one summer a few years ago we actually flew into Rhinebeck to see a show. They let people fly in up to about an hour before the show if you want. They also sold rides in a biplane but I never went up in one. Something I'd still love to do if I get the chance!


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