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Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge
aka The Zakim

From: Bruce
Sun Aug 06 19:37:59 -0700 2006
This is pretty cool - I just realized that the current pictures of the bridge are two different sets merged at different times during the Big Dig construction that this bridge is a part of. If you zoom in on the bridge itself you'll see that there's no traffic between any of the supports. There are no lines painted on the road bed yet and near the southern tower you can see what appears to be some construction equipment parked in the northbound lane at an odd angle. You can also tell that the picture at this point is a few years old since the old bridge that the Zakim replaced still exists in the picture and northbound traffic can be seen on that bridge. That means the picture was taken before March 30, 2003.

If you follow the old bridge northward you'll see it reach a point almost directly above the northern tower of the Zakim bridge where the contrast changes. At that point the old bridge transitions to a skelton, which means that part of the photograph was taken a few months after December, 2003. The southbound traffic didn't shift from the old bridge to the new one until then, and it took them a little while after that to tear the old one down. So the two sets of pictures are about a year apart.

It looks about the same in Google Earth right now.


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