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Hyundai/Kia Proving Grounds
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From: PhxKen
Tue May 05 12:50:41 -0700 2009
This is situated southwest of California City; north of Edwards AFB; northeast of the Mojave Airport aircraft boneyard; 50 miles northwest of Adelanto's "Southern California Logistics Airport" (surplus aircraft)... and 80 miles southwest of Death Valley. If you scan the desert well to the northeast of this newly built proving grounds, witness how with its minute population, California City, (which did the development deal with Hyundai/Kia Proving Grounds) has become the 3rd largest city in California in terms of geographic scope and size, 34th largest in the US. It's an ecological catastrophe, right in the heart of progressive California's vast desert. There are miles and miles and miles of raped desert lands where vacant empty grid patterned streets and ghost like neighborhoods were plowed into the desert terrain, quite visible with Google Maps imagery. Developers gone absolutely wild and out of control. If you look up California City on Wikipedia, the land development company treats the page as if its a commercial advertisement. Erik Estrada of CHiPs fame does infomercials hawking this desert catastrophe as a great place to buy land and live. You decide.

California City, a case study in how to ruin a desert.

From: PhxKen
Tue May 05 13:02:08 -0700 2009
You have to jump past the populated part of California City to the northeast even further, to the vastness of unpopulated part of California City, with its empty desert streets, stretching for miles and miles, in order to see once perfect desert lands... ruined. Switch to Google Maps, zoom in on where it says California City, then switch to Satellite mode. Ghost town is too romantic a word for this development nightmare.


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