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UNKNOWN: Manufacturer-supported track day?
On the former Alameda Naval Base.
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From: tedder
Fri Oct 20 21:42:59 -0700 2006
This is a very weird one. There are at least 3 different 'tracks' set up (look for the white paint). At first glance it looks like autocross, but the cars are set up 2x2 on the right-hand course, as if they were racing against each other or something.

Further, note the semi trucks and commercial trucks at the top. That's why I think it might be a manufacturer-supported track day. I know Cadillac has been doing events like this- basically, "see how our car stacks up against the competition".

Can anyone find something that corroborates this?

Also note the painted Matrix 2 freeway is still visible.

From: SpyderMonkey
Sat Oct 21 05:59:06 -0700 2006
It could be Mazda's Rev-It-Up promotion. I went to one in Atlanta, and the setup looks similar: several tents housing various displays, a main autocross track, 2 other practice/training tracks.

The resolution isn't good enough to tell what kind of cars they are. In 2003, they used Mazda 6s.

From: Gamara
Sat Oct 21 09:29:52 -0700 2006
this is where they filmed the chase scenese in the 2nd matrix movie.

From: tedder
Sat Oct 21 12:33:14 -0700 2006
That sounds right, SpyderMonkey. Here are pictures from an Alameda event by Mazda:

I wish I could see the Matrix freeway markings in his photos, but that is certainly Alameda- you can see the USS Hornet in the background, even.

From: shadow
Tue Jul 17 10:20:20 -0700 2007
Very close Tedder! The Mazda Rev-It-Up promotion was not held on the runway/Matrix freeway, but actually not too far away over here near the hangers. You can see the test tracks on the ground painted in white.

From: shadow
Tue Jul 17 10:26:44 -0700 2007
What you see on this page is the General Motors Autoshow In Motion event.



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