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Wolston and Brisbane Women's Correctional Centres

From: Steve0
Thu Oct 25 21:58:13 -0700 2007
this isn't Arthur Gorrie

From: Silicon Sam
Thu Oct 25 22:32:44 -0700 2007
Address shows it to be Brisbane Women's Correctional Centre

From: Silicon Sam
Thu Oct 25 22:35:23 -0700 2007
Or even Wolston Correctional Centre

From: grklein
Sun Mar 30 20:22:43 -0700 2008
This is a photo of Sir David Longlands Correctional Centre. Arthur Gorrie is about 1.5kms to the East.
Make sure you do a google for "themeeningoflife" and you can read all about life inside Arthur Gorrie http://themeeningoflife.blogspot.com


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