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Archerfield Airport Short Runways
Unexplained 80 metre long asphalt runway approaches. Any ideas?

From: Indy in Indiana
Tue Oct 31 12:43:45 -0800 2006
Budget problems??

From: Bruce
Tue Oct 31 18:02:00 -0800 2006
My totally uneducated non-pilot guess would be that they're markers for the dirt/grass runways. There appear to be dirt taxiways out to those runways as well.

From: irdeano
Sat Apr 14 21:46:49 -0700 2007
runway markers..

From: clydes
Wed Jun 24 18:29:48 -0700 2009
These are the sealed thresholds for the gravel runways 04/22 left and right. Note that 22R has a displaced threshold - takeoffs start from the unmarked sealed area to the north east, but landings are supposed to aim for the marked area.
The thresholds are sealed to minimize propellor damage from loose gravel when starting the takeoff run, and also simply to allow the numbers to be painted :-)
These cross-strips are used only when the wind direction dictates, and then only by day (no lights) and only when the ground is dry!


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