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Firefox logo in oat field
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From: Mith18
Sat Dec 02 19:48:43 -0800 2006
Aliens Use Mozilla Firefox!

From: Dex Sinister
Thu Dec 07 10:49:56 -0800 2006
there are vehicles to the south that form FX2

From: Indy in Indiana
Thu Dec 07 12:39:20 -0800 2006
One is a Airplane.

From: Mith18
Fri Dec 08 00:56:36 -0800 2006
The "X" is made out of four cars.
I dunno what the "2" is.

From: earthexplorer
Fri Dec 08 05:14:39 -0800 2006
The "2" is made out of people, probably from the vehicles that created the "FX".

From: earthexplorer
Fri Dec 08 05:17:36 -0800 2006
What I want to know is did they (the people lying in the field) know that the satellite was overhead or is it just a coincidence!!

From: meekster
Fri Dec 08 06:31:11 -0800 2006
From the "Learn More at..." link:

"Google, the Internet search company, arranged for a special satellite flyover so the 200-foot Firefox crop circle logo can be shown on Google Earth, which features high-resolution photos from space."

From: Ravendark54
Thu Mar 08 13:28:44 -0800 2007
That explains why its the only spot in the area that is in high res.


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