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Brigham Young University-Idaho
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From: tedder
Tue Jan 02 07:28:16 -0800 2007
Also known as 'Ricks College', back in the day when it was a 2-year college.

From: ethanjohn
Tue Mar 08 23:59:03 -0800 2011
A prestigious school! In college basketball, ESPN states that Brigham Young University Cougars starting center and leading board man Brandon Davies has received a suspension for violating the Brigham Young University honor code. The 6-foot-9, 235-pound sophomore will not be permitted to return to the men's basketball team this season, which has been the best in Brigham Young University history (currently 27-2, 3rd on the national AP and ESPN/USA Today coache's polls). At this time, Davies has offered no comment to the media, states the Salt Lake City Tribune.

From: B2Pi
Thu Mar 31 07:24:23 -0700 2011
EthanJohn; Not quite... This is the 'junior version' of BYU. BYU (with the basketball and football teams) is in Salt Lake City, this is up in Idaho.


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