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Basilica of the Sacred Heart
The small clearing in the trees, just to the Northwest is the Grotto.
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From: joestegmaier
Thu Jan 04 06:48:31 -0800 2007
I was married in the Basilica. :-)
I proposed to my wife across the street from the Grotto -- pan west three times and north twice and there are the benches where I asked her.

From: Indy in Indiana
Thu Jan 04 07:44:08 -0800 2007
Friends of my wife and I were married there a few years ago. The place is stunning to see.

From: Indy in Indiana
Thu Jan 04 07:48:20 -0800 2007
The benches where all the ducks and geese hang out? I take my 2 daughter there all the time to see them. She gets a kick out of it.

From: tedder
Thu Jan 04 08:02:44 -0800 2007

From: joestegmaier
Fri Jan 05 06:59:05 -0800 2007
Yeah, I think the ducks do go over there when it's warm and there are tourists -- like you. :-)
I proposed on the night of a chilly St. Patrick's Day, so there were no ducks around.
I had chosen that spot as the most beautiful spot on campus during my sophomore year (five years before I proposed, and a year before I met my future wife). If you look west across the lake, (pan 11 west and 4 south from the benches) you can see my dorm (Carroll Hall). Or looking across the street, you can see the Grotto, and up the hill from the Grotto, the Basilica tower (your original post) and the Golden Dome (two east and one north of the original post).
You're definitely visiting an extremely beautiful spot with your daughter, then. Conditioning her early, to be part of ND's class of about 2026?

From: Indy in Indiana
Fri Jan 05 07:43:08 -0800 2007
Hey, I'm a local, not tourist!

There is no place as peaceful as ND's campus.

She's a Domer all the way!


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