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The Gold Pyramid House

From: Silicon Sam
Wed Jan 10 10:44:58 -0800 2007
Google does wonders.... Call The Gold Pyramid House


From: wiley
Wed Jan 10 18:21:01 -0800 2007
I believe this is a regular house, it is just an optical illusion. What you see is simply the roof line. You can see by the shadow on the left and the car in front, that there is a structure under that roof.

I don't think this is a pyramid.

From: pete592
Wed Jan 10 18:54:57 -0800 2007

From: SamBam
Thu Jan 11 12:54:08 -0800 2007
It is definitely a pyramid, I used to drive by it when I lived in the Chicago area. There is a Sphinx in front of the house as well. Check the link above

From: earthexplorer
Fri Jan 12 08:23:41 -0800 2007
Looks like a pretty cool place to live.

From: Alan
Sun Jan 14 07:51:29 -0800 2007
Can only wonder what the neighbors think about living next to those weirdos. Their lawn looks like it's been neglected.


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