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Stratosphere Tower

From: scott.and.lai@sbcglobal.net
Fri Jun 09 14:33:46 -0700 2006
I've been to the Stratosphere Tower, but I find this image very confusing. Where I believe the Tower should be, it looks like it is under construction. It certainly doesn't appear any where near high enough, and I don't see the top with the spire and rides. Yet, the shadow shows the complete Tower....

From: Ravendark54
Fri Jun 09 18:39:59 -0700 2006
I've seen the tower in Google Earth before(i believe), and this looks like a bad stitch job on the part of Google. The hotel thats there doesn't fit with the obvious shadow from the tower, infact you can see where the the stitching errors are. The shadow is cut and displaced towards the left from the shadow it looks like it should be attached to, and down along the front shadows end abruptly as does architecture. The biggest stitch error is the stratosphere sign fading into the street.

From: scott.and.lai@sbcglobal.net
Fri Jun 09 21:53:57 -0700 2006
Definitely bad stitching. Same image is in Google Earth. The north-east quarter of the top of the Tower is missing; the spire is missing; the Tower seems too short (though this could be from the viewing angle); the sign appears to be on top of the Tower, when it should be at the bottom; and I'm not sure what the white rectangle is...if it is one of the support legs, then why does the top portion of the Tower appear below the leg?? Seems there are a least three satellite images stitched together here...


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