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Nimitz-class carriers
can anyone ID these?

From: sleepyintexas85
Thu Nov 17 14:01:15 -0800 2005
i belive the one at the bottom of the screen is either the USS Enterprise or the Teddy Roosevelt, and the one atop the screen is the USS John Stennis.. It is impossible to tell without seeing the hull number, and the carriers rotations are every changing with the ships underway.. That would be my best guess thoug, becuase those 3 are normally the 3 cloasest to the bay.

From: Capes 1781
Sun Dec 04 12:59:56 -0800 2005
CVN 74 J. STENNIS is homeported at San Diego.I think the carrier at the top is CVN 73 USS GEORGES WASHINGTON. The 73 number can be read on front of the deck, when enlarging the pic on Google earth. As the number on front of deck is not readable, carrier at the bottom can't be identified. It can be either CVN 65 NIMITZ, CVN 69 DW EISENHOWER, or CVN 71 TH ROOSEVELT, all these ship beeing homeported at Norfolk.

From: delow48
Tue Jul 17 10:46:10 -0700 2007
These carriers are CVN-71 Teddy Roosevelt, CVN-65 Enterprise, and CVN-69 Dwight D Eisenhower

From: Indy in Indiana
Tue Jul 17 14:16:15 -0700 2007
You got it.


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