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Westboro Baptist Church 'Headquarters'
The ten houses with the swimming pool in the middle belong to Pastor Fred Phelps and his family.

From: Indy in Indiana
Tue Apr 10 13:32:00 -0700 2007
Read the link..... wow, what a....umm.... P.O.S.

From: pete592
Tue Apr 10 14:37:37 -0700 2007
Wow, so if hatred has its own Mecca, this would be it?

From: Neil
Thu Apr 12 13:05:32 -0700 2007
It would be either there or here:

From: Indy in Indiana
Thu Apr 12 18:42:17 -0700 2007
Nice link. It's ironic that the Satellite picture looks like the road is on fire.


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