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Unknown: Line in North Russia
ed: image stitching, perhaps?
Submitter: Neil

From: prmths
Tue Apr 10 19:02:42 -0700 2007
looks like they used needle and thread ;)

From: Neil
Wed Apr 11 02:33:57 -0700 2007

From: prmths
Wed Apr 11 08:26:43 -0700 2007
I know there's a 'in soviet russia' joke in there somewhere.. but it's too early in the morning.....

From: Neil
Wed Apr 11 10:26:03 -0700 2007
Ive just realised - it looks like i posted a comment at 2.30am - it was late morning (in England) when i said that.

From: second1up
Fri Nov 20 17:35:53 -0800 2009
if you zoom in and follow the line to its sE end, it just slowly fades away, regardless of topography. It is absolutely straight. It also seems superimposed over every topographical feature. conclusion: it cannot be actual, but is simply an optical aberration or digital information distortion.


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