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Submarines in drydock
at Norfolk. Can someone identify these?

From: sleepyintexas85
Thu Nov 17 14:15:21 -0800 2005
just to let you know, you really arent supposed to have these pictures here, but, one of teh submainres is the uss floida for sure, and the other one, again is impossible to tell without the hull number.. make sure these pictures do not get "closer or clearer" because of national security it is highly illegal to photograph submarines in dry dock because of the classification of parts and identifying marks.. fyi:-)

From: MrDLoomis
Mon Jul 31 23:01:38 -0700 2006
Balony! The GOVERNMENT took these photos (they are the one's who built the subs in the photos!) and THEY released them for public use, and the photos are freely available through Google Maps and Google Earth.

Take a look around and you can see a sub at dock at the Bangor Nuclear Submarine Base in Bangor, Washington.

No crime here! Besides, the size and shape of our subs in already public knowledge, and a few overhead photos probably wouldn't jeopardize national security all that much!

From: Shadrack
Tue Aug 01 02:26:08 -0700 2006
"sleepyintexas85" it is time that you awoke from your slumber to go and do a search on the internet to look up this site, "Federation of American Scientists".


Look under the heading "Strategic Security", followed by "US Weapons Systems", then you will find:

"A guide to aircraft, ships and land warfare systems currently in use by the US military."

On the right hand side of the page you will see several headings. They are:
US Aircraft
US Aircraft - Equipment
US Land Warfare Systems
US Navy Ships
US Navy Ships - Shipboard Combat Systems

Click any of these links and every aircraft, ship, tank and gun or weapons system used by the US Military is shown in detail.

When you finish there, you might want to check out the links on Nuclear Weapons, US Missiles and Weapons in Space, just to mention a few.

You could spend weeks at this web site and still not cover everything that is listed!

Happy to wake you up "sleepy in texas 85"

From: Bruce
Tue Aug 01 07:17:08 -0700 2006
If you take a look at sites like Electric Boat in Groton, CT where subs are built you'll see one of the drydocks has a cover over it. The government/military isn't so dumb that they don't think about satellites taking pictures of classified objects. If they cared about Russia or anybody else spying on the subs in these drydocks they'd have them covered up just like at Electric Boat.

From: AndreaBT
Tue Aug 01 12:27:06 -0700 2006
sleepy, you really need to get to know Google Earth and Google Maps. Eye opener. The only thing I know of that is currently blocked by the U.S. Government is the residence of the *vice*-president.

From: AndreaBT
Tue Aug 01 12:30:43 -0700 2006
And now laughing at *myself* because it's been months since sleepy even posted this comment. S/he probably won't ever know about the replies :)


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