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World Trade Center site

From: grognd
Mon Jan 02 18:20:39 -0800 2006
Never forget.

From: pete592
Mon Sep 11 20:26:31 -0700 2006
5 years. 2,973 dead. Osama bin Laden still at large.

Never, EVER, forget.

From: Aquila
Wed Sep 13 07:36:36 -0700 2006
Poland's always with You, USA!

From: eazy-e
Thu Jul 12 17:00:39 -0700 2007
OBL needs to be beheaded, like he does to our captured men and women. USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA

From: ChronicZhen
Tue Jul 24 05:19:25 -0700 2007
You guys think a a guy in a cave had the $$ to fund the most elaborate "terrorist" attack ever?

yes....never forget that this was an inside job....and that Bush is talking to Mexican President and Canadian Prime Minister, trying to make us into one country "North American Union" which will abolish the US constituion....and all of our rights.

Dont be sheep and allow this government to use fear to controll us any longer, GET MAD GOD DAMNIT!

From: pete592
Wed Jul 25 07:39:16 -0700 2007
This "guy in a cave" is the son of a wealthy Saudi construction magnate. Yes, he has more than enough money to send murderers to America for flight training.

From: SeeKar
Mon Jul 30 12:35:51 -0700 2007
Too much chronic, not enough Zen!

How much money do you really need for this operation? Flight training and some plane tickets?

From: pwatts2
Mon Mar 09 07:25:48 -0700 2009
There was a lot of construction of the new Freedom Tower in 2008 when I was there. This Ground Zero panorama shows the view at the time taken from inside the Winter Gardens. Wonder what it looks like now.


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