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Six Flags Astroworld

From: Silicon Sam
Sat Dec 10 21:56:17 -0800 2005
Astroworld has closed it's doors for good as of end of October 2005. Good riddance to the nastiest theme park in texas!

From: Silicon Sam
Sat Aug 18 21:07:05 -0700 2007
Drove by there in Aug of 2007, it's just a flat empty lot, grass growing, looks like nothing has ever been there. Really creepy.

From: teather
Sun Aug 19 08:29:24 -0700 2007
I grew up in the Houston area and have been to Astroworld a few times. I didn't know it had be shut down till today, reading the above post. I'm a little sad about it. It's too bad it sucked (apparently) at the end. I had some great times there.

From: Silicon Sam
Sat Jun 28 16:06:08 -0700 2008
Picture updated finally, a big empty lot...


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