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Battle of Franklin (Civil War)
The entire battlefield is now developed. Orange roofed building is the Carter House.

From: Indy in Indiana
Fri Nov 16 11:00:02 -0800 2007
That's just stupid. Who in their right mind would let someone develope a Civil War battlefield?

From: meekster
Fri Nov 16 16:46:04 -0800 2007
Actually development of Civil War sites is a very big problem. Here in Marietta, Ga there are quite a few sites that have either been destroyed or in in grave danger of being destroyed all in the name of $500k- $1m/house neighborhoods. It's really pathetic. The Civil War Preservation Trust publishes an annual list of endangered battlefields/sites here:


Specific info about my area. A disheartening excerpt: "In the last year, preservationists have had some limited success protecting remnants of the Confederate and Federal lines near Dallas Highway and Brushy Mountain. Unfortunately, in some instances earthworks have been intentionally bulldozed to avoid complications that could scare away potential developers."

From: Indy in Indiana
Sun Nov 18 18:52:59 -0800 2007
I hope they get a Poltergeist.

Sleep well ass clowns.


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