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James Dean accident site

From: Neantaeus
Fri Sep 16 16:57:23 -0700 2005
At this resolution there does not appear to be much point in the post.

From: tedder
Fri Sep 16 18:33:55 -0700 2005
were you expecting to see the car, or what?

From: Neantaeus
Sat Sep 17 08:05:21 -0700 2005
No, I can see the car, but it bothers ma that I cannot see the road.

From: Neantaeus
Sat Sep 17 08:07:10 -0700 2005
Ahh..you are right: the comment was lame.

From: paaaat
Sat Sep 17 17:28:53 -0700 2005
Actually, this isn't the right location anyway. It was ~10 miles north east of here.

From: Ravendark54
Wed Oct 26 08:08:34 -0700 2005
For a person acting on the basic information provided in the wiki article, he had a 50/50 chance of hitting the right location, since further up the road from here, the road forks again. I double checked Google Earth and the keyhole locations are at the other fork.

From: tedder
Wed Oct 26 16:54:14 -0700 2005
ravendark and I talked, we think the real location is at the other fork of the highways.. so the map has been updated.

From: claudiajean
Thu Sep 14 03:34:18 -0700 2006
I don't know what the previous map showed, but this currently IS the correct intersection of Hwy 46 (was Hwy 466 in 1955) and Hwy 41.

The road has been widened and the intersection slightly rearranged for safety - the actual impact spot of the two cars was in the westbound lane of 466 directly across from where 41 connected at the time. This exact point of impact is now in the eastbound lane of 46, parallel to the stop line of the eastbound left turn lane onto 41 going east. The telephone pole and fence line that Dean's Porsche Spyder came to rest against is 40 feet northwest of the impact spot, west of the "Y" itself and is still there.

If you zoom in, you can even see where one of the signs marking the intersection as the official California "James Dean Memorial Intersection" is placed (there is a cluster of cars parked on the shoulder near the memorial sign.)

That seems just what this intersection needs - extra signs to distract drivers' attention here.


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