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Worlds Largest Compass Rose
at Edwards AFB

From: mattallen
Thu Sep 22 16:06:35 -0700 2005
Does anyone know what this is/was used for?

From: tedder
Thu Sep 22 16:10:57 -0700 2005
looks like a compass rose scraped into the lakebed.

From: Bokchoi Cowboy
Fri Sep 23 07:06:35 -0700 2005
Go to this link from Edwards AFB website to read on the history of this thing.

It is the worlds largest compass rose, which dates back to 1937. It is 395 feet in diameter.

From: AndreaBT
Sat Jul 29 12:43:16 -0700 2006
If it's a compass rose, it seems to be a bit inaccurate!

From: Silicon Sam
Sat Jul 29 20:53:13 -0700 2006
Probably because of the difference in True North and Magnetic North.


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