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Mammoth Yosemite Airport
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From: trey
Wed Nov 02 13:09:04 -0700 2011
Dear SkyTime Helicopter Tours
I've seen it all, I have been on helicopter rides all over the world. Hawaii, Las Vegas, Texas, Washington, New York, Los Angeles and the Himalayas Mount Everest, etc. The Eastern Serias, Mammoth - Yosemite is the prettiest most beautiful place I ever seen. The views are breathtaking. The helicopter company SkyTime is as profesional as they come. SkyTime's pilot was fantastic. He explained things no pilot has ever mentioned, like where the safety equipment was and how to use it. He even described what the control sticks did, the principals of flight and how a helicopter actually creates lift. I can't say enough this was by far the Best time I ever had in a helicopter, and YES I agree Flying is the second greatest thrill known to man!
Yert Iksorski


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