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#1 most dangerous intersection in US
compiled by State Farm Insurance
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From: eckie
Sun Oct 01 18:29:29 -0700 2006
what is the intersection

From: Silicon Sam
Sun Oct 01 19:57:30 -0700 2006
Click on MAP in the upper right hand corner of the picture and find out!

From: djr5899
Wed Jul 15 09:55:15 -0700 2009
The intersection is Flamingo Road (runs N to S) and Pines Boulevard (E to W).

The NW corner is CB Smith Park, the NE corner is Pembroke Lakes Mall, the SE corner is a large shopping center with a few restaurants, and the SW corner is another older shopping center with some fast food places and a grocery store. If you go just north of where the mall is, there is a major hospital.

Between the major shopping areas and ambulance traffic from the hospital, there are always accidents here.


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