Very dark colored crop circles
What are these? Are they growing tar?
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From: teather
Fri Sep 09 15:15:45 -0700 2005
It's Water. Dark water.

From: jerycho
Sat Jan 07 15:25:23 -0800 2006
hmm, thats strange

Sun Jan 08 16:49:26 -0800 2006
Actually, I believe we are seeing soil. There are long irrigation pipes that are rotated around the circles. Further north-east, you can see similar circles that have green growth.

From: Farmer Dave
Tue Feb 14 15:56:46 -0800 2006
I am a farmer and those are Center Pivot irrigation Circles except i dont know what the black ones are they could be a feild thats just been worked the lighter color ones look like wheat fields that are being harvested

From: musketman
Sat Jun 10 03:37:08 -0700 2006
Looks more like covers to hide something, like atomic blast ground zero sites, but that is just my opinion...

From: musketman
Sat Jun 10 22:47:15 -0700 2006
Rethinking these "spots" and seeing the same "spots" in Utah & Oregon, I think they are part of the MX missile system... Hide and seek, Cold War style...


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