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USS Arizona, Pearl Harbor

From: tedder
Thu Jan 26 15:51:30 -0800 2006
wow. That image is amazing.

From: pinkerton
Tue Apr 18 17:05:18 -0700 2006
Hello, this is a good image of the USS Arizona, and if you use google earth, you can even see the oil that still leaks from this sunken historical treasure.

From: dsb
Wed Feb 14 15:02:54 -0800 2007
Doh. New satellite photos don't show it nearly as well; you see mostly choppy waves now (and one stack sticking out of the water). In the previous photos, you could clearly see the entire outline of the ship and each stack.

From: SeeKar
Thu Feb 15 04:37:16 -0800 2007
Those aren't stacks. They are the turret bases for the 14 in. guns placements.


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