Artificial Kelp Reef
off San Clemente State Beach

From: desimal
Tue Jul 26 11:41:13 -0700 2005
its a new reef built by UCSB.

From: tedder
Tue Jul 26 13:46:15 -0700 2005
maybe I missed something, but it doesn't explain the odd color.. the location is certainly right, because the nuke plant is just down the beach a mile or so.

From: senate83
Tue Nov 29 08:42:23 -0800 2005
It's an artificial kelp reef. More info is given in this SoCal Edison article (note the location map which is an exact overlay):

From: tedder
Tue Nov 29 11:56:06 -0800 2005
thanks! I'll update the info.


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