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Gunnery Range
in Etcheron Valley at Lake Naval Weapons Test Center
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From: must
Wed Jul 20 17:49:24 -0700 2005
Maybe it's the ground.

From: Cruisefiend
Mon Jul 25 20:54:11 -0700 2005
Location just north of NAS China Lake Weapons Test site would suggest something to do with weapons testing.

From: paaaat
Tue Jul 26 07:11:58 -0700 2005
This is Etcheron Valley, part of China Lake Naval Weapons Test Center. This site is just west of the "bounce strip" seen in this picture: http://www.nawcwpns.navy.mil/~pacrange/im/s1/photo/JNR/JNRBNC.jpg

From: h20polo
Tue Sep 13 22:23:55 -0700 2005
This is a gunnery range, notice the spanning measurements. You'll also find this near 29 Palms where they do mid-range weaponry. Texas also has a couple of these at the large tank base there (I forgot the name). North of Las Vegas in the Nellis gunnery range there are a couple, but a little different since they practice air-to-ground tactics.


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