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Moscow Kremlin
next to Red Square

From: zxc
Mon Aug 21 07:54:06 -0700 2006
Try interactive tour to Kremlin!


Here is a great new English language mashup for Russia's capital city of Moscow called Virtual Moscow. It integrates Google Maps with significant tourist locations, vivid photographs and a large number of great panoramic views. Start out by selecting a location from the list then click on the two types of map markers - stars show photos and detailed descriptions while the burst markers allow you to check out a panoramic photo from that viewpoint. For some good examples, check out the Moscow Kremlin or the famed Red Square. Google has some very detailed satellite imagery for Moscow which makes browsing these locations very interesting. This is a great way to explore Moscow before visiting or just learning more about what this beautiful city holds.

Around the Moscow Kremlin panoramic tour
Saint Basil's Cathedral
Cathedral Square

... and more

From: sandy_k
Thu Aug 30 09:04:35 -0700 2007
CROCUS EXPO Internation al Exhibition Centre


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