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Crazy highway ramps
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From: Mith18
Tue Jan 09 15:15:05 -0800 2007
It's called a Spagetti Junction (For obvious reasons)

From: Dex Sinister
Tue Jan 09 17:09:19 -0800 2007
I'M Sorry, you cant call that a spaghetti junction.THIS!Is (THEE) spaghetti Junction.
http://www.satellite-sightseer.com/id/3164/United_Kingdom/West_Midlands/Birmingham/Spaghetti_Junction__Graverly_Hill_Interchange_ can anyone better it?
c'mon let's have a competition for the new year!
for entertainment value(and bragging rights) only!

From: SpyderMonkey
Wed Jan 10 01:50:23 -0800 2007
Atlanta ftw! http://www.satellite-sightseer.com/id/1622/United_States/Georgia/Atlanta/Gold_domed_Georgia_Capitol_Building
(zoom out once)

From: Dex Sinister
Wed Jan 10 02:29:29 -0800 2007
Impressive(wheeze), very impressive!(wheeze)(sorry wrong site)
Takes the early lead, SpyderMonkey

From: Mark
Wed Jan 10 14:59:50 -0800 2007
New Jersey's finest

From: Mark
Wed Jan 10 15:16:44 -0800 2007
Best of Texas?

From: Dex Sinister
Thu Jan 11 08:18:09 -0800 2007
New jerseys is quite twisty, but the one in texas is just too "purty"... kidding!

From: Dex Sinister
Thu Jan 11 17:30:58 -0800 2007
OK I think I should say,before it goes outta control, that if you have an example of this, use the link for it if its listed, otherwise just link via google maps rather than use up the guys bandwidth with pretty pictures of interstate junctions, the guys here do a great job and don't deserve the hassle!

Agreed? and before anybody says it no! I don't work here, just a thankful contributor


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