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Hiroshima Ground Zero

From: Ravendark54
Mon Mar 13 14:34:55 -0800 2006
I read someplace that the T shaped bridge just left of center in the image was the target the bombardeer used to site when and where to release the bomb. Of course as with all nuclear weapons the bombardeer's target suffers no more damage than anything else within a mile because of how the weapon detonates: several hundred (or is it in to the thousands?) of feet above ground.

From: wolphman
Thu Aug 24 23:59:50 -0700 2006
I've been to peace park, a very somber place, it is distinctly a memorial park, and a mass burial ground. Yes, the T was the bomb target, but the actual zero spot for this ground zero was to the right and down a bit from the bridge, away from the river, there is a plaque denoting this location, but I have not seen it. It is a surreal experience to visit there, even the restaurants, cafes and bars of Hiroshima all have their own asorted museum pieces; melted tiles, burned signs, melted glass, etc. One sign I saw was for an incense factory, it was etched in white patterns from the flash blasting through the trellis on the building across the street! Yes, people were vaporized, and survivors still bear scars, I met some of them. Hiroshima will make you cry.


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