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Howard AFB Panama
Howard AFB, former US base in Panama 1940-1998. Need info link.
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From: df9332
Wed Jan 04 08:16:09 -0800 2006
I have a missing Uncle "John Victor Dial" he was stationed
at Howard AFB Panama he was in the 24th Enfantry also he
has been missing since July 1, 1966 he went home for a visit at Childress, Texas and went back to his post after about 1 month no contact. My grandparents that are both
deceased never filed a missing persons report my theory as to why I believe is because he was living abroad and they did not know who to contact so after 39 years as of February 2005 I filed the police report it has not been easy getting help and to get this story noticed. Note: We
also know he was married to a Elsa (Caballero) Dial and her family lived around Panama City and information anyone
might know please let me know. Go to this website for details on the case which includes photos of him at: http://www.doenetwork.us/cases/1134dmtx.html
If you know someone that was in that enfantry from 1966-
1968 have them contact me. Thanks
Debbie Fleming

From: joylittle123
Thu Dec 18 08:53:55 -0800 2014
I am the same person as DF9332 had to create a new account I lost my sign in info and could not gain access to this account. In regards to John Victor Dial who is my uncle I am the neice of John Victor Dial my name is Debbie (Fleming) Gillam. After him been missing for 48 years am happy to report his grandaughter saw one of my postings and had John to contact the family he is alive and well living in Panama he was not aware we had a missing persons report filed on him.His grandaughter saw one of my postings. At this time our family feel very happy, and relieved we have some closure. We love John and we have been in contact with him and all is good. Please do not forget those families that has missing loved one's because it is hard the not knowing and the holidays are hard for those families. I wish to thank all those that has helped me over the years in efforts trying to locate him.


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