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Nellis AFB
ChecK out the cool desert camo F-22's!

From: nick
Thu Feb 23 19:14:10 -0800 2006
the f-22s are at the bottom of the tarmac, most of the planes are f-15s and some f-16s towards the top. The biggest plane there is the KC-135 air-to-air refueler.

From: cfmdobbie
Sun Feb 26 05:27:53 -0800 2006
Has the photography recently been updated? There are 8+1 what look like Tornados at the end of the tarmac, but no F-22s. Am I looking in the wrong place?

From: Korkki
Wed Mar 01 04:19:42 -0800 2006
I found the biggest plane as B-52, so the pic probably has been modified...

From: TimmA69
Thu Mar 06 21:33:21 -0800 2008
Just so ya know there are no camo F 22's and they're also not out in the open for any satalite to see..the camo jets are F-16's


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