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University of Baghdad

From: zaidfikrat
Mon Dec 19 11:21:45 -0800 2005
hi there,

well your program is great, but why we can not enlarge the view little bit more please!!!!can i make the view bigger than now??i want to see things in more detail please
thank u

From: zaidfikrat
Wed Dec 21 00:43:47 -0800 2005

is there any one who notice my quiry????????
please update the images,its belong to a long time ago,please update the satellite images!!


From: Bokchoi Cowboy
Thu Dec 22 10:25:58 -0800 2005

This website only links to images that are owned and uploaded to the internet by Google. There is no control over how current the image is, or the available resolution.

If you would like to pursue an update, you will need to contact the Google.com staff.


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