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Bruce Springsteen's house

From: Jeff
Sun Apr 23 14:00:35 -0700 2006
I was just wondering what the big building across the street form Bruce's place is.It kinda looks like a sports center good guess??
I am a fan of Bruce and have been for 26 years I mean the guys music is awsome!It would be so cool to meet him I think but I would never infringe on his privacy one has to respect that.


From: Neal038
Tue Jun 13 12:50:08 -0700 2006
That is the Rumson Academy. A private school that looks as though it is on his grounds. If you drive by you can't miss it. I passed by last Xmas eve and came across him driving by. The street is narrow and I pulled over as Bruce passed by he nodded to me.

From: rumsonite
Wed Sep 16 21:46:42 -0700 2009
The complex across the street from Bruce's house is not the "Rumson Academy", it is the "Rumson Country Day School", founded in 1926.

From: Rosey
Sun Feb 08 16:16:48 -0800 2015
That most certainly is Rumson Country Day School. I used to live on Bellevue Avenue in Rumson, New Jersey. His house was set back from the road. When I walked home from high school, Rumson Fair Haven Regional, I turned at that corner off of Ridge Road onto Bellevue. I lived past the intersection of Bellevue Avenue and Rumson Road which BTW was two houses away from the President of Mattel Toys.


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