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City of Odessa
resort city

From: Alyona
Mon Aug 08 08:04:54 -0700 2005
Very beautiful city:-)

From: barbatus
Mon Aug 08 19:32:40 -0700 2005
Can't but agree, Alyona! I used to live there.
It's a pity you can't get any closer.

From: Alyona
Sun Aug 14 13:55:10 -0700 2005
How do you know Ukraine so good?
Where are you from?

From: barbatus
Mon Aug 15 03:27:00 -0700 2005
From Odessa, of course!

From: Alyona
Mon Aug 15 06:34:12 -0700 2005
Where do you live now?:-)

From: barbatus
Mon Aug 15 06:52:08 -0700 2005
In Chicago. And you?

From: Alyona
Sat Aug 27 02:03:43 -0700 2005
I am in Odessa now. How is it in Chicago?:-) How long have you been living there?

From: barbatus
Sat Aug 27 12:50:56 -0700 2005
Almost ten years.

From: Alyona
Tue Aug 30 13:57:14 -0700 2005
Do you like Chicago?

From: barbatus
Tue Aug 30 15:32:28 -0700 2005
Sometimes ... when it's not too cold or not too hot.

From: barbatus
Mon Jun 26 07:51:29 -0700 2006
Now you can see the western part of the city, with the airport ... just a bit to the right, and I could see the neighbourhood where I grew up!


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