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Mount Ararat
possible location of biblical Noah's Ark
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From: barbatus
Thu Jul 21 20:05:25 -0700 2005
Well, Yerevan is indeed located close to the Mount Ararat (to the north), but not in Turkey, but in Armenia ... Turks wish (or Armenians wish, depending on point of view).

From: slix_88
Thu Jul 27 00:33:25 -0700 2006
Mt Ararat realistically belongs to the Armenians and not the Turks. Turkey took over our land in the 1915 genocide (half of the territory they have now). Ararat is ARMENIAN. (doesn't belong to Turks).

From: tedder
Thu Jul 27 07:14:22 -0700 2006
Wikipedia lists the (current) location of Ararat as being in Turkey, so I'll leave it there.

From: ChronicZhen
Tue Jul 24 05:23:52 -0700 2007
Wikipedia is also an openly editable website, and is ridden with bullshit LOL

From: ChronicZhen
Tue Jul 24 05:28:06 -0700 2007
but im in no way arguing that its part of Armenia btw LOL just dont trust Wikipedia, go look at at map you this Mountain is in Turkey


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