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Hannover HBF Railway Maintrace
(english info, please)
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From: raubo
Fri Jun 09 12:53:26 -0700 2006
was born in Hannocer,walked from 1940 on to Raschplatz to Leibnitz High-School, commuted between Seelze & Hannover HBF and recently many years from St. Anne de Bellevue Quebec (Rehau last job). By chance I found the Satellite viewer, so I traced my Train Tour to Venice via Brennero and Landeck.Found the real tracs the same as in MS-Train-Simulator. Since age of 4 I visited My Grand Pa's Windmill via Rail to Osterholz Scharmbeck. Retired after 75 years old, using now Terrain Extract Tools to build BR-Express.
Thank you all and all the best! Bodo Rautenkranz, Dorval.


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