The Eye of Africa (Richat Structure)
Visible from space
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From: kennycbay
Fri Mar 09 19:27:43 -0800 2007

From: Alan
Sun Mar 11 14:38:05 -0700 2007
Is this a mountain? A hole? Lake? Swamp? What is it?

From: teather
Sun Mar 11 15:28:10 -0700 2007
It's a guelb.

From: comm
Mon Jul 09 22:03:07 -0700 2012

""it is a volcanic dome of varied density rock that has eroded at different rates, the concentric circles being denser and eroding less obviously""

one theory is it resembles a volcanic dome that arose from underwater or that hydrothermal activity was involved in it's it possible that it could be as minerally productive as other volcanic(kimberlite "pipes" of south africa)?
my interest is the road that leaves Quadane(click Hybrid)to the west, approx. 30 miles WSW, at it's most northerly point, there appears to be a second, smaller Richat structure....can not make out inversion, as the shadows are not as pronounced,but water flow is evidenced by small tree collections in the areas of erosion and water flow...


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