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Official residence of the Vice President
1 Observatory Circle

From: tragickingdom
Fri Mar 16 04:13:50 -0700 2007
It's blurred out!

From: pete592
Fri Mar 16 14:06:23 -0700 2007
As of typing this, you can still see it at Wikipedia and Yahoo Maps:


From: herz
Mon Jan 26 06:25:02 -0800 2009
No more blurred out image. The new Vice President can now see his house on the Google Maps!!!

From: Ravendark54
Mon Jan 26 06:46:56 -0800 2009
Would you be shocked to learn that VP Dick made that happen?

From: herz
Mon Jan 26 12:50:22 -0800 2009

It appears that it might have just been a coincidence that Google got new imagery just about the time of the inauguration. Funny how stuff works like that sometimes. And it looks like it was the USGS, not the previous administration that pixeled the image in the first place.



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