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WEIRD: Face in the sand? Face of Jesus?
this has been popping up on blogs lately. please post or email information on this, especially if you can support it with a site link.
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From: Stevie Lee
Wed Sep 28 08:59:07 -0700 2005
It looks like a face... well then it must be Jesus or the Virgin Mary.

From: Indref
Wed Sep 28 15:09:34 -0700 2005
It's looks like it's been burnt in.

Must be satan.

From: thefreak0na1eash
Wed May 17 09:18:24 -0700 2006
Well it definately has long hair and a beird so it's either Jesus Christ or Charles Manson.

From: SpyderMonkey
Wed May 17 14:12:55 -0700 2006
Looks like a lot of smoke coming out of his mouth. Willie Nelson?


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