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Patuxent Institution (prison)
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From: ed
Fri Feb 01 03:29:47 -0800 2008
Hello. Just wanted to fill you in on everything that has been going on. I own a small company here in Falling Waters West-Virginia. I have been to Katrina several times and have made the local papers here twice. In 1986 I was an inmate there. I believe the wardens name was Galespi? and then Archie Gee. I worked inside the prison in the auto shop under Patrick Allison. I need to thank everyone there for the therapeutic programs I was given. When I was released I was released without any parole or probation and have done very well in the community and throughout the United States. I never expected life to turn this way. I was lost and wandering to places that led no where. I took advantage of the educational programs there and was the inmate college clerk for New Community College Baltimore (NCCB) NCCB is where my turning point started. If you leave a place like that without an education then we have all lost. Rudy (Kitchen manager) knows me very well. Everyone called me "Caveman" because of my up bringing in a actual cave. I have lost contact with everyone from there over the years but think about the way it was back then. I joined the religos society of Friends while there (Quakers) and have been a member for over 10 years. I would like to make a guest appearance with the friends one day if this is permitted. In closing I want to say thank s to everyone for getting me on the right track. Peace/Love


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