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Maybe FedEx cargo plane? Surely someone can identify by the engine configuration.
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From: Ravendark54
Wed Sep 14 16:17:46 -0700 2005
Its an MD-80 or similar (theres MD-81, 90, Super 80 all effectively the same looking plane)

From: Ravendark54
Wed Sep 14 16:21:03 -0700 2005
Also: not likely to be a Fed Ex plane. The smallest cargo plane I've seen them use (besides their prop job puddle jumpers) was a 727. Because of FedEx's volume they usually use this pretty thing: FedEx's DC-10

From: tedder
Wed Sep 14 16:54:52 -0700 2005
I don't think that is an MD80- they have one tail-mounted engine. This airplane appears to have two, one on either side of the tail. That would make it a 727.

FedEx's site says they use the following:

MD DC 10-10
MD DC 10-30
Boeing 727
Cessna 308
Fokker F-27
Shorts SD3-60
Ayers LM 200 (on order)

From: Ravendark54
Fri Oct 21 03:04:54 -0700 2005
Actually, what you're probably thinking of is an old 727 which had two tail and one engine in the tail like a DC-10. Given the fact that FedEx says they don't own any MD-80's or 90's (the longer version of the MD-80) this is not going to be a FedEx aircraft. Many Carriers such as American, Delta and Alaska airlines still own(well lease)and operate MD-80's.

For the record: I hate MD-80's. I've never flown in one, but I've worked in and around them and they just plain old (pardon the pun)and in the case of American Airlines, they have some REAL old TWA MD Super 80's.

From: sean9838
Sun Oct 23 19:46:12 -0700 2005
Yeah it's not a Fed 727. More likely one of the MD's. I don't like flying on them. Never worked on any of them at US. Did some ramp work on a MD80 for DL one time.

From: Ravendark54
Sun Oct 30 03:11:04 -0800 2005
For anyone following this discussion I have the difinitive answer in a new post I just submitted (sorry no URL yet). A 727 has a bend in its wing where as an MD-80's wings lack that bend. Mind you the bend isn't drastic, but you can easily see if the difference when comparing a 727 and an MD80 on the ground.


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