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Aorounga Impact Crater

From: barbatus
Thu Aug 18 04:21:49 -0700 2005
Looks like a ground down volcano crater, doesn't it? (And there is a younger volcano just to the North-West.)

From: TexasAndroid
Thu Aug 18 07:48:51 -0700 2005
That's the Aorounga impact crater.

From: barbatus
Thu Aug 18 12:40:19 -0700 2005
Cool, thanks!

But what is that strange black hole (located in Lybia, some 500 miles N-N-W from our crater)?


From: tedder
Thu Aug 18 13:58:55 -0700 2005
I'll update the listing name.

From: Mark
Thu Aug 18 14:25:35 -0700 2005
In this view:


The black hole looks like a gorilla lying on his back, looking to the northwest

From: TexasAndroid
Fri Aug 19 07:42:47 -0700 2005
The "Strange Black hole" is an ancient volcanic flow, known as Was Namus.

More info at http://www.fjexpeditions.com/frameset/waunamus.htm

From: TexasAndroid
Fri Aug 19 09:31:37 -0700 2005
Wau Namus, actually. Sigh.

From: barbatus
Fri Aug 19 15:46:46 -0700 2005
Great! Thank you very much. I've just created an entry for that beauty.


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