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Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion

From: claudiajean
Thu Sep 14 03:58:39 -0700 2006
The current map shows where 10236 Charing Cross Road would be, if houses and lots in this part of LA were normally sized. The map is actually centered near where the driveway starts.

Keeping the same size and orientation, click once to move the map to the west, and twice to move it down about 400 feet, follow the driveway, and you can see the Mansion.

The famous grotto-style pools are easily visible on the close resolution. It is reputed to have a lovely view of the golf course, and it certainly appears to have.

From: tedder
Thu Sep 14 07:50:00 -0700 2006
ah, thanks. I will update the view. In the future, use the "Report errors, bad data" link.


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